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Ensign Sariel Rager
9 June
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You ain't seen the best of me yet
give me time, I'll make you forget the rest.
I've got more to me...

You know the redshirts? All those rarely-named crewmembers who populate 99% of starship quarters and are routinely the ones picked off during any away mission or disaster? the humor's out there; redshirts always die first, expendable crew, blah blah.

Sariel Rager is one of those. She was fortunate enough to be fully named during season 6 of The Next Generation, though her most notable moment was earning the *cough* dubious honor of being one of several crewmembers abducted from Picard's Enterprise by maliciously curious aliens dwelling deep in subspace during the episode "Schisms"... and let's just never mind that embarrassing moment in "Night Terrors," hmm? :) Talking about it still makes her squirm. After being returned to her ship and crew, she was promptly forgotten about by canon though not, fortunately, by everyone following the series.

The young woman with the distinctly curly black hair, dark skin and red Starfleet uniform with only one black pip on the collar? that's probably Sariel. There's decidedly more to her than meets the eye however. If anyone asks, she'll reveal that home is the Terran Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. That explains the slight hint of an accent to her voice some of the time, and the fact that her English is sometimes a shade more precise than the next person. and yes, she's entirely used to people's reaction to Saint Lucia being 'where's that'? and doesn't mind explaining at all; plenty of people in her own universe and time haven't heard of it either.

Sariel is generally a reserved, quiet sort of person. Yes, she has Starfleet training, but she also has the strong set of ethics that come with said training. That said, she's also about as far from the violent end of the military spectrum as a person can get; this one's not a fighter unless absolutely necessary, and it's likely she won't be of great use if she's ever forced to defend herself physically. Tasha Yar she ain't. Physical force aside, she does tend toward a soldier's mentality, especially regarding chains of command and duty. She's eager to please, wary of offending or upsetting, and tends to quietly worry over people - keeping watch over her unit, as it were. Her first love and specialty will always be flying; as of now she's a capable pilot, though still a little green. She's learning with time, and things can only get better.

Given her experiences at the hands of those maliciously curious aliens, Sariel does have issues of her own. It's a safe bet that there's some post-traumatic stress going on, though it's only obvious in certain situations. she's able to deal quite well the majority of the time, but she does have triggers. If something strikes a nerve, I'll do my best to let you know so you aren't left going 'bzuh?' if things get intense.

Just as a note, Sariel is both homosexual and entirely comfortable with that fact. Twenty-fourth century Starfleet officers, and Federation citizens as a whole, don't tend to have a problem with a person's preferences, though the stories of persecution and ill treatment from past centuries are well-known. she's not one to flaunt anything, though ask and she'll be quietly direct about which way she leans. this can, and has, shocked patrons from worlds with less liberal attitudes regarding sexuality.

As she's from Saint Lucia, Sariel is fluent in both English and Kweyol (Lucian French patois). If she speaks or thinks in the latter - and she will if the opportunity presents itself, the text will be blue.

Oh, and it's Ray-grrr, not Rage-er. Don't worry.

Please excuse the chanter_greenie that is, the mun behind the curtain. Ahem.

Unfortunately, I can't claim this character. Ensign Sariel Rager is from Star Trek: the Next Generation, and is the property of Paramount Pictures. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. Her PB is Lanei Chapman.